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About Us

Cosmic Media Studio is a creative agency based in Austria.
We are a solution provider that specializes in media design and advertising.
With a team full of visionaries that all think the same, design must be more than beautiful it must function.
With our knowldedge in design, photo, motion and print we help our clients achieve their goals and beyond.
Let’s conquer new worlds together.


Our prime mission is to make our customers happy and provide them with value. The vision is to be a storyteller that is seen, heard and remembered.
Our home planet suffers from massive environmental problems and since design and advertising can’t solve them, we try to help a little by paying attention to resource use and our carbon footprint. Some print shops where we order offer the possibility to do a CO2 compensation.
We will donate 10% of our profits to various non-profit organizations that help with environmental issues and autism. In 2022 we donated to Ukrainian refugees and the Ukrainian military.

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